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Journal 07-17-2015

Good morning or whatever part of the day it is for you. Today is Friday, July 17, 2015. The temperature is 65.1°F and the humidity is 86% at 5:33 a.m. PST (-8 GMT). Weather Underground shows sustained winds at 0 mph with gusts of 1.6 mph. It was overcast and quiet when I stuck my head out. I listened to a cricket for a bit. They sound nice outside, annoying inside. Weather Underground is predicting a 0% chance of precipitation and a high of 87° (“nearly the same as yesterday”) today.

I’ve been getting up and going to the gym in the morning then going to Starbucks to write for an hour or two, depending on the battery in the laptop. That’s worked nicely. I got a lot of work done on Siegfried, “The Song of the Harp,” and “Dirt” in just five days. I haven’t been writing here much, though. There’s always a trade-off.

The work on the upstairs continues. After talking to an electrician, Mr. Siduri believes he can do what needs to be done himself. Next, the great cleaning out comes so the carpet can be laid. After that, the great restoration. Or that’ll all be fun. It should all be done within a month, though, and the upstairs will be nicer than it’s ever been. The logic behind it all is that 1) It will be more comfortable and 2) It’s stuff that needs to be done before the house can be sold in the great by and by. Not that we’re planning on selling the house anytime soon, but there will come a time.

I’m just astounded at how quickly gas prices have shot up. Even at the cheapie places, it was $3.99 one day and $4.15 the next. Good thing we’re not planning any long trips in the next could of weeks. People with long commutes or who travel for a living must really be hurting.

Thanks for reading. Hope you and yours are all well and happy. Hope the day brings you good things.

Off to write another day—

Writing schedule (again):

1. Spend an hour with Siegfried.

2. Review a section of poetry from World Poetry .

3. Another entry in 30 Day book challenge

4. Finish On Writing and review for Examiner in the next couple of days.



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wolfgirl569 wrote on July 17, 2015, 10:03 AM

Glad to hear everything is going good.

seren3 wrote on July 17, 2015, 2:07 PM

msiduri Sounds like everything is well organized and coming along!