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I was walking through a trail and wandering around like a lost dog. Where am I? It looks like I am somewhere in New West. Why am I not in bed? Why is everything so foggy and damp and creepy looking and feeling? Am I dreaming right now?

What is going on? Can anyone tell me what is going on?

I am walking down the street, looking everywhere and anywhere to make sure that there isn't anyone behind me. Waking down this street alone in this weather cannot be healthy for my body or mind. Its really freaking creepy.

Just ahead there is a shape in the distance. Suddenly running, I am heading towards this shape. The closer I get, the more this shape becomes clear. It is a man. "Hello" I say, hoping he hears me. But he does not move. So I run faster. When suddenly, the man runs away and vanishes in the thin air, leaving me standing in the middle of the street.


Snap. I've woken up, in bed, comfortable, warm, and with my man beside me. What a weird dream. And this is why I am up and out of bed earlier then I would like to be on my last day off before I go to a long week of afternoon shifts at the restaurant.

This dream will be running through my head all day. While I clean, when I'm stoned, while I shower. And probably when I go out as well.

Readers, is there anyone out there that could help me out? Does anyone knows what this dreams means? And if you don't, does anyone know where I can look to find out? This dream intrigues me, as well as creeps me out majorly.

I had this dream on multiple occasions now. Once last night, a few times last week, and a couple times the week before that. So this reoccurring, and starting to confuse me.

I feel like this dream is trying to say I'm trapped somewhere I don't wanna be. But Almost guaranteed that I am wrong. Or maybe I'm right? Do anyone of you, readers, have any answers or guesses for me? Your guess is as good as mine, so I will take all opinions as what you think this means.

I'll be back on later to see what you have for me, readers. If there are any that is.


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laurie123 wrote on July 14, 2015, 12:35 PM

Wow! It your dream means something for sure. Your mind is trying to tell you something. Maybe you met this man along time ago and don't remember or you will meet him. Maybe the man is trying to tell you something. I would do some dream research online or try and find an expert that knows about dreams.

cheri wrote on July 15, 2015, 1:09 AM

It has been a long time that I never dreamed or may be I just forgotten all about it?