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The Poisoned House - A Ghost Story by Michael Ford

Based in the late 1850's of London, a servant girl hates her home life in the mansion known as Greave Hall.

The servant girl, Abigail tamper, is just the maid of the elegant home that has their own problems. With an overbearing housekeeper, Mrs. Cotton, who always has an eye on the girl, she cannot get away with a thing.

But when suddenly an appearance of something strong and angry is in the house, new secrets reveal themselves in ways that will change Abi's life forever.

With finding new family and new fortune, Abi must solve the mysteries that hide within Greave Hall.


I read this book in one day. Flat. I read it all today. It was captivating. I couldn't take my eyes off the pages. My man was playing World of Warcraft and I read this book all day. The Poisoned House had my attention right until the end.

This book is full of mystery, hate, secrets and fear. This book took my attention away from the world and into my own movie. The words take you away. They are brilliantly placed just so that they form the perfect image.

I highly recommend reading this book if you are interested in ghost stories and family traumas.

Until next time after I finish The Love Letter.

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