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When the sun breaks the horizon, and the birds start singing I awake to the sound of the piano playing in the next room. How sad the keys are touched as the room air swirls from myself standing up the first time after birth. How I listen to the music beckon me to start breathing, moving around and encouraging me to live or I'll die once again. I struggle the first half hour as the coffee perks and the machine makes this gurgling sound as if it too needs to breath. I feel the water washing over me as if a moth breaking out from the cocoon. I am a new human being and nothing will stop me from living 100% today for I am unstoppable as the next song pushes me forward. The city of VancouVer await for my arrival as the crazy train thrust me forward into the depths of the world. The voice is soothing as my day continues and its like nothing else matters as I enjoy this gift of life and song and soon my task has finished and Im once again returning to the night as the cool air hits my face. Nothing feels so refreshing as life and music as they are entwined and It fills me like a cup of water. I am complete just you sitting here with me I love it and the way it hums and caresses my soul you will not break me I am immortal, my head swirls in this lyrical high as I concentrate on this moment and no one can break through until I sleep. The sad voice has whispered of the heartache I lost and now I need to escape, I allow myself to be wrapped up and layed down with the song as it cradles me in its notes of passion and dedication.

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arthurchappell wrote on July 13, 2015, 10:40 AM

Nicely said - it might be worth setting it out as a poem rather than as a single paragraph as it very poetic and evocative - welcome to Persona

tanglingart wrote on July 13, 2015, 9:34 PM

That was a beautiful read. Welcome. I was happy to read this. Like I said, it was beautiful read.