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The bully three doors down

Have you ever had a friend or thought they were your friend. until you began to understand what they were about. I used to have a friend. Who thinks I am his friend but really am not. Likes to use people, likes to take advantage of people. Whats worse is he uses his height to his advantage. He is always like will you do this for me and that for me. He does not care about me. He does not care about I feel. But will use me anyways.He has a girlfriend but he cheated on his last girlfriend. He flirts with this other girl. I do not feel this is right.

Also he and I have been known to get into fights. He lives with me because we live in a care center for people with disabiltys. And we have been known to get into fights. he will hit me and kick me. and just use me. he is a bully. But I guess when I get married I will be away from him.

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allen0187 wrote on July 10, 2015, 10:20 PM

There is no place for bullies in a civilized world. Hope your bully problems are resolved very soon.