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FOOOD LUVER: Never buy Salsa again!!!

I have recently discovered a good reason to never buy salsa again; because I can make it better!

I will share the recipe and believe me it is so simple anyone can do this. The secret is cocktail sauce which gives that great tart tomato kick! If you are a beginner with making new foods you may need a couple of tries to get the spiciness right for you.

Green Onion Salsa

Campari or Vine or Roma Tomatoes chopped to desired size 2/3 volume desired

Chopped green onions 1/3 volume desired

Mix in a bowl and add Spice Mix to taste (when spicing to taste realize that the full flavor will not be in the mix until the next day)

Add Cocktail sauce, approx. 1 tsp. per roma or vine tomato used or per 2 campari.

Mixing will decrease volume of mix as green onions collapse. Fill remaining volume with fresh chopped parsley and re-mix. Wait 30 mins if any dehydrated mix was used.


A good pre-made spice mix for this is Poco Picante Salsa Mix from

or mix your own with something like the following base:

1/3 chili seeds

1/3 chili powder

1/6 Salt

1/6 garlic powder

If desired spicy try to find dehydrated jalapenos to chopped up and mix in too! Using hot chili powder will make it very spicy.

TIP! When making your own spice mixes make small batches until you get the right mix.

Lazy method could be chillies and taco sauce.

Gourmet Corner*

If you prefer salsa with a thick sauce base then wait a day and drain the mix into a bowl and find a thick tomato base you like the taste of (I wouldn't use tomato paste because I don't like the flavor) and mix the two into a thick saucy consistency, spice it up to where you want it, cook off extra liquid if needed and introduce it back into the salsa.

Image Credit » Photo by M.Thiessen July 10,2015 Victoria,BC. Canada

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allen0187 wrote on July 10, 2015, 11:57 PM

Thanks for sharing this recipe. I'm a big fan of salsa and I'll definitely try this one out!

cheri wrote on August 9, 2015, 1:40 AM

I need not to worry about buying since I am not a Salsa lover