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Wyoming and Utah

Today i want to give a review on three states. Utah and Wyoming. Utah is my home state. Its not where I grew up but Its my current home state. Utah is known for the faith of the mormons. The saints came here long ago and settled in Utah. After much disagreement from other faiths and the mobs who kicked them out of illinois. Many of the Mormons died for their belief. As they came to Utah. Utah since then has been built with the lasting temples that populate the state. I am however not a big fan of the hot weather in the summer and the really cold winters. But besides that its a good state. I would give this state 4 stars out of 5

then we have wyoming. I have only spent a few days here. The climate is green. If you have been to washington its like wasington. They do get alot of rain. The state is beautiful though. with nice scenery. I spent sunday going to the montains. Medicine peak. Medicine peak is the mountain where 66 people died after a plan crash. But besides from all this its a wonderful state you to get 4 stars wyoming.

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FourWalls wrote on July 9, 2015, 11:46 PM

I'm down to twelve states that I've never been to (only one east of the Mississippi River -- Maine). Wyoming and Utah are two states I've never been to, but the photos of the scenery in both states make me want to go!