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Econolodge Bad, Days Inn Good part three

Repeatedly stabbing his stubby pointer finger at the tiny slip of paper he slammed onto the counter top the cave dweller grunted out loudly " It's right there ! ". All we wanted was to see printer ink on paper confirming that our card was not going to be charged. The tiny printout contained only a series of numerals, a date and "$0.00".

My wife kept trying to tell the imbecile that this proved nothing, and she demanded a more detailed receipt showing our card was credited what had been charged. This was the wrong thing to say to the ignorant cretin, who by now turned the shade of a beet and grew ever coolly indignant.

He'd apparently felt threatened by this point, and rather hastily told us we'd better leave the premises or he'd call the police. Not wanting to leave without the above mentioned documentation we stood our ground, calling his bluff and in complete disbelief that in this day and age we'd encounter such unprofessional behavior.

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DWDavisRSL wrote on July 7, 2015, 12:23 PM

If you detailed this cretin's behavior in your communication to the parent company, I hope they did more than just talk to him.