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Stay Secure from Phishing & Spoofing Email with these Security Issues

Nowaday we need to be aware of any security issues that we use to receive from our email and to protect ourselves for any Phishing and Spoofing Email. I want to share with all Persona Papers users how we can mitigate or prevent this from happening.

If someone request for personal information - another tactic of cyber criminals is to alert you that you must provide or update your personal information like Social Security Number and Back Account details.

If you find suspicious attachments - what will you do? Is this the first time your bank sent you an attachment? The majority of the financial institutions will surely NOT do that sending a high risk attachments include .exe, zip, scr, and .bat.

If you notice an incorrect grammar and spelling - The most common practice of a hackers is to used mispelled words.

If you notice a plain text and absence of logos - Look and notice a phishing email that may show in a purely text and maybe lack of images such as the sender's company logo.

If you find the message body is totally an image - Make sure the email is in a good mix of text and images.

If you notice that the URL's link is not legitimate - Do not automatically trust the URL page or the internet address you are instructed to visit. Make sure to always open a new windows and go to the site directly without using the embedded email link.

If you think and observed that the IP reputation is questionable - If you can identify the sender's IP, look up the IPs reputation through Return Path Sender Score site re: to give us an insight of the IP's historical performance.

If its your email address listed as the sender's address - So it's obvious that it could be fake. And if the "To" field has a large list of recipients or undisclosed recipients.

Notice that if an email is Urgent / Too good to be true - If an email seems too good to be true, then most likely it is. Be cautious also with any message that makes us do things with urgency such as "Click Now" or "You Must Click Now".

Those are the tips and don't for the Email Security Advisory that I shared with all of you here.

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AliCanary wrote on October 5, 2014, 3:50 PM

Helpful tips! You might want to edit the part in the beginning that mentions Bubblers and change that to "PPers" :)

namra47 wrote on December 6, 2014, 2:44 PM