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Lazy daze of Summer

What is about these first few heady days of July?

Hmm. There really is something about early July. It's nearly always the most extremely HOTtest time of year.

Just the perfect sort of weather to be lolling about around in a field without a care while the rest of the world continues with their industrious lives around you.

No thought or heed to time passing just the pleasure of long, July days in the whispering grasses, under the swishes of tall, swaying treeeeees ... and the plop of a duck in a nearby pond as she performs a BOTTOMS UP manoeuvre!

We even had a minor thunderstorm today here in the East Midlands.

Excuse me now while one totters orft to pump up the airbed to prepare for one's camping expedition. For your information, our Argos have some right bargains at the moment so if you're anything like me, a seasoned camper, the thought of an inflatable bed also at a knocked up/down price'll bring more than just a smile to your face.

Any rumbly thundery storms where you are?

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