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Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Finale

I have now finished the entire series (five seasons) of Boardwalk Empire. It is a series that kept me interested all the way until the end.

And speaking of the end, let me just say...Wow! I did not see THAT coming at all!

If you want to the what the "that" is, then you are going to have to go to the library and check it out yourselves, as I will not be the one to spoil it for you.

It is not a series for the faint of heart. During the years that organized crime owned and operated so many of our cities, especially during prohibition, there was a lot of violence, and unscrupulous/unsavory dealings. If you watch it, be prepared for sex, violence, and language that will make a sailor blush.

It is a series that I would highly recommend, however. Anything that can keep me interested enough to binge watch two back-to-back seasons, 20 episodes in all, in a 96-hour period, cannot be all bad!

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