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Weather Tonight & Something On Here I Just Learned How To Do


It is June 29th @ almost 2am. It's a humid night I must say, but no thunder or lightning so far. The humidity is at 81% so who knows if we will get a storm. We may not even get it. I will admit though today was cooler then yesterday it felt awful yesterday. I've taken a few showers these past few days to cool off the best I can yet I still would sweat like a dog which drove me nuts. Anyway. The humidity keeps rising in percentage so maybe we will get it even though it's already 2am. As I am typing my eyes feel tired, but it may be a pain to possibly sleep again tonight. Last night was a big bare to sleep it was WAYYY too warm and humid. So, I wound up going to bed at about 6am from a fan helping a bit. Ok, so has anyone gotten thunder with lightning or had sprinkles? It sprinkled a little bit when I went out today, but it didn't do much. Oddly enough I miss the rain. To change the topic I was looking at the comments I got on my last two posts recently, and was thinking''how the heck do I tag people that comment on my posts?''so I look under''faq''and guess what I figure it out. I guess you just first type''& ''and then type the persons username. I don't go on here everyday, so I just learned. Okay, so I will stop at that in this post. Hope everyone has been staying cool the best they can, and also is staying safe if they are getting severe storms I'm not.

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Kasman wrote on June 29, 2015, 2:23 PM

Isn't it amazing what you can learn when you read the Rules and FAQs on a site!

editor_20 wrote on June 29, 2015, 6:15 PM

Kasman Well yeah lol!!

MelissaE wrote on June 29, 2015, 10:09 PM

The weather is somewhat cooler today. Your day is well spent when you learn something.

editor_20 wrote on June 30, 2015, 1:35 AM

MelissaE That's good!! Yeah.:)