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The Litter Box - Hot Hot Hot

The rising temperature has been brutal on my cat. He lies around the house now, with a look on his face saying, "I would so claw your legs right now if only I had the energy." Then he yawns and goes back to napping.

He's not a big fan of being wet, his scorn and derision of a cooling, wet cloth usually only prompts a shortened session ending in blood. He will lie in front of a fan sometimes, but more often than not is found stretched out on the floor, trying his best to act like a speed bump. He seems to really want to be right in the way more than usual.

My question is what kind of methods do you employ to help your little friends through the heat of summer.?.

Image Credit » Fluedbraen - 2015

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HappyLady wrote on June 27, 2015, 12:23 PM

i am not sure, but I think outside cats find their own way to a cool spot. I have no real ideas and the Catblog Cat has a mind of her own. I suspect the heat is the real reason why she keeps going into the wardrobe though, so a cool, open cupboard might be the answer.