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FluedBraen's Corner - Smaller and Smaller, Closer and closer

Hello all Fellow Seekers!! Today I want to talk about entanglement and you. Entanglement is defined as 1. the act of entangling, 2. the state of being entangled, and 3. something that entangles; snare; involvement; complication. Einstein called it 'spooky action at a distance.' The basic premise, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that you take a material, and split a couple of particles off of it, say a couple of photons, giving them the same spin and energy, then send one of those particles a millions miles into space...or next doesn't matter. Since these particles have been 'entangled', if you make any change to the properties of the particle (ie. spin, charge, etc) you have here, those changes will be reflected in the particle that is a million miles away. The spooky part is that the change is 'transmitted' in a way that allows it to change instantaneously, regardless of the distance, and disregarding the 'speed limit' of light, the fastest thing we know of, currently.

Science has a theory where... everything... at one time was squashed into a single point of infinite complexity. It seems entirely a logical assumption that the very beginning of the universe implies that every particle here is entangled with every particle on one of the levels of the quantum universe we have not been able to probe yet. There have been many documented cases of organ transplant recipients suddenly inheriting traits of the donor. Further, on an electromagnetic level, consider your heart. It relies on an electric pulse in order to beat. Those pulses create a magnetic field that propagates beyond the physical boundaries of the heart. It has been shown that my brain can hear your heart. If I am in a different room, and you are put under some form of stress that increases your heartbeat, my brain will respond by increasing my heart rate, as I were under the same stress. Essentially, my brain responds to the electromagnetic impulses that power your heart.

This implies a vast truth. Fundamentally, as we cast our sight further outward, we see implicit the same structure we find as we see smaller and smaller levels of our existence. Quantum theory seems, to me, to be a vindication of what the shaman has been teaching us throughout the existence of man. That the connections between us, as people, supposedly the smarted and most creative creature ever created by the Earth, are more profound than we have been led to believe, and should be embraced as the means of seeing beyond the petty squabbles we see today. The concept that we are not only made of the same stuff, but tied to the same 'collective subconsciousness' described by Carl Jung, has been known to the ancients for far longer than we have thought ourselves above that knowledge.

Shaman often used a 'descent into the spirit wold' to describe their experiences of delving into the depths of the human consciousness, often by imbibing a psychotropic substance. As such, these visions have often been disregarded as the delusional ravings of madmen. However, just in the same way that dreams require interpretation, they are simply our minds way of working out complicated interactions in our day to day lives. The shaman undertook an, often perilous, journey into the deepest parts of their own mind, to bring forth the knowledge within us, understood to that part of us beyond our consciousness. That part of us that feels our fundamental, undeniable relationship to every particle in the universe.

As science looks deeper and deeper, I am reminded of the shamanic journey because it strikes me as the same journey as that of science. Often misunderstood, science tries to make understanding out of nothing, and while nothing seems reticent to give up all its secrets, those secrets most often reveal themselves to those who delve the deepest into their own minds. Einstein was quoted as saying," Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living." A life of holy curiosity. The life of a Shaman. I would, as of today, like to formally request of all Shaman, the induction of Albert Einstein into the ranks of the Scientific Shaman, delving deep into his mind to bring us the nugget of truth unearthed by his Holy Curiosity. The Entanglement of consciousness.

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