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Orphan Black recap, “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow”


Coady is giving Rudy their test, but he’s starting to glitch. He doesn’t seem to have much longer.

Cosima looks at the file Delphine had on Shay and discovers that she was in the military. She goes and talks with Scott and figures that Castor will also be after the original, so they need to figure out who the mole is to help Sarah. She goes to Delphine with the possibility that Shay is the mole. Delphine goes to Shay and creepily threatens her, but Shay insists that she doesn’t know anything about Castor or anything.

It turns out the mole is actually Gracie, who was contacted by Castor. They wanted information so that she can be with Mark again. She calls Cosima to ask them to forgive her. Cosima calls Delphine and gets her to let up on Shay.

Alison is out campaigning. Donnie stayed at Bubbles so that she wouldn’t know he and Jason fought. Pouchy’s enforcer shows up saying that Jason no longer vouches for them. Pouchy wants his pills back. Donnie tells him that they aren’t at the store. The enforcer finds Helena’s baby tank and takes it as collateral because it looks important.

Donnie goes home and Helena sees him. He tells her about the drug business, and she patches him up and tells him about her babies. They go to Pouchy with the pills and Donnie gets the tank back. He asks about the money they owe him, and they just laugh. Helena comes in – pretending to be Alison – and they talk about things. But when one of them threatens Alison and Donnie’s children, Helena gives the tank to Donnie and pushes him outside. She then kills them and grabs all their money. She gives that to Donnie and he puts it in the freezer in the garage, when Alison comes home.

Mrs. S, Sarah, and Felix arrive in London. S had called ahead and one of her people is holding a gun for her. He points out that the number from the code was an old prisoner number. He leaves to look into it. Mrs. S’s old band comes in and they get some more info into her past.

Her contact calls with some information. But he’s at home when Ferdinand – the Topside cleaner from “ The Weight of This Combination ” – and another goon come in. They torture him, but he doesn’t tell them anything. The three show up just before he dies. He whispers something to S, and she tells the two to leave, that their mission is over.

Sarah grabs the gun and the guy’s phone from the floor, and calls one of his contacts. She sets up a meeting to find out what information he had. He explains that the prisoner was a Kendall Malone in for killing someone who was released a few years ago. They go to the house and Sarah breaks in.

She’s jumped by an older woman, and when Sarah explains that she’s looking for Kendall, the woman replies that’s who she is. And then S shows up, and calls Kendall mother, who apparently killed S’s husband.

Kendall explains that Ethan came to the prison looking for suitable donors, male and female. And he found them in Kendall. She apparently absorbed a twin brother in the womb, so she has two genetic lines. Mrs. S is ready to kill Kendall and burn down her house to destroy the Castor original so that Coady can’t weaponize the Castor illness. But Sarah talks her out of it because she is also the Leda original, which could help Cosima.

Ferdinand is watching them, even killing the second contact. He calls Delphine wondering why Sarah – who was supposed to be locked up in Dyad – is out in London. They start working on a deal.


I guess my idea that the Leda original was some high up was wrong. But it looks like we’ll find out – or at least get a clue – as to the mystery woman next week, with the season finale.

Now, about Kendall. The idea that the Leda and Castor originals are the same person is … interesting. I’m not a biologist, but I know that weird things can happen in biology, so that’s weird but I’m okay with it. But that she is also Mrs. S’s mom, I’m not sure what to make of that. I think it was sometime during the second season that I started wondering if Mrs. S had a closer link to Leda than she was letting on. But that she is the daughter of the original, is part of this secret group that can shuffle people around, and foster mother to one of two only known fertile clones is just … too coincidental. I would expect something like this from a lesser show. So either Orphan Black has just jumped the cloned shark, or it’s setting things up for something. I’m expecting some guiding hand set this up. Perhaps the mystery older woman? Perhaps the basic storyline for season four? I want to find out.

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MegL wrote on June 20, 2015, 1:14 PM

Well, that sounds exciting but also very complex. Iwonder how the storywriters keep it all straight in their heads?