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Person of Interest Looks Like It Will Only Get 13 Episodes For Season 5

I am in enormous pain over this. I have never felt this way before about a TV show, and I never will again and that hurts. To have this feeling snatched away from me and all the millions of fans of Person of Interest just kills me. What kind of idiot would even consider axing this show? What kind of drugs are they on?

Well this was a shock to the system, I never in a million years thought that this show was in trouble. Person of Interest has a unique premise, something that is rare on TV today. It is an original idea from creators, Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman and Nolan has told fans multiple times that he has the story all mapped out for at least six seasons, if not seven. If you watch this amazing show, all you have to do is pay attention to what has been written so far. It is obvious where this show is going and how long the writers and creators need to wrap it up properly.

The only reason CBS are only ordering 13 episodes is because rating have slowly dipped and the Season 4 finale ratings were a disaster. This show is also not owned by CBS, Warner Brothers own it, so apart from selling advertising during the new episodes, CBS do not make any money except from advertising shown during the airing of the episodes. So in their wisdom they are considering a 13 episode order and have planned for Person of Interest to return in January 2016. What a great way to kill a critically acclaimed show! This show would still be kicking butt in the ratings if CBS had left it where it was originally on a Thursday night at 9pm. As soon as they moved it to a 10 pm timeslot on a Tuesday is when the trouble started.

Why do networks pick up a series that is owned by other parties and not look after it? It makes no sense to me and I sincerely hope that Nolan and the writers can find another home for Person of Interest so that Nolan and Plageman can tell the story they wanted to tell over the amount of episodes in their plan. The CBS network are basically telling the creators that this show does not have a home on CBS past Season 5, so I sincerely hope the creators have a solution up their sleeve.

When Plageman last spoke to the media, he led the fans to believe that they were not treating Season 5 as the last season, which is pleasing to hear. It gives me hope that perhaps they have a plan beyond CBS's order of 13 episodes. There is absolutely no way the creators and writers can wrap up every loose end in this show in 13 episodes, perhaps if they were to get a full 22 episode season and 13 episodes for Season 6, but even that would be pushing it.

Person of Interest started out as a procedural, that also had a very interesting back-story regarding the characters, particularly Finch and Reese. This show has moved slowly on purpose, drawing out the story and revealing answers to questions little by little, to speed up this process in order to finish the story would ruin this show, and it would not end in a way that gives it dignity. That is heartbreaking to me. As a writer I feel for Nolan and his fantastic team of writers. I fear the fans and critics will never get to see the masterpiece that Nolan and Plageman had planned.

I do not think CBS will reconsider, although they may end up ordering a full season or close to it if one of their new shows tanks. I so hope one of their new shows flops like a fish out of water. I have written to Netflix and will keep doing so until all hope is lost. It is my strong belief that Jonathon Nolan and Greg Plageman are not sitting still on this. It would not surprise me to find out that they have been talking with TV executives most of the summer. All we fans want is for someone to allow Nolan and the team to finish telling his story the way he planned.

I am so upset about this, and hugely vocal about it too. Every article I read I have to comment. The last word from CBS was Nina Tassler quoting what she said in May, "No decision has been made regarding amount of episodes, when there was an announcement that POI has been given a fifteen episode order. If the worst happens and Jonah and Greg feel that they need to bring POI to a close, I am sure they will do their very best. I almost wish I did not know what I know, meaning their hopes for the series and where it was always supposed to go.

The ratings drop looked bad and must have really worried CBS, however I still believe that Nina (Idiot) Tassler is overreacting to this. The viewers who dropped off were fans who like the procedural format, we also lost fans who did not enjoy the Samaritan story arc and the darkness of it. Impatience drove some away too and also the fact that Samaritan won, and the machine lost. Lastly many fans would have taped this show as it did not finish until 11pm on a week-night.

The fans are upset about season four which was a series of losses for team machine. However, Samaritan came onto the scene in the tail end of season three, this is only round one for these two Artificial Intelligence's, Harold and Root have a plan and this is the beginning of Team Machine's victory dance. This show always moved slowly and even in the early eps of season 1, it was obvious this was a story about artificial intelligence. Perhaps fans who are not into two super computers who want to destroy each other need to leave. Perhaps for these fans, the human element is more important. That's the point, that is Jonah and Greg's message: That people are more relevant and valuable than we realise and they are certainly not dispensable.

If the worse happens and season five is ended in thirteen episodes, I think I will have to pretend that Person of Interest ended with Harold and Root desperately trying to save the machine and succeeding, but being killed in the process. It is very clear to me if this is the last season, I do not think I can take it seriously as a part of this amazing story.

So please, if you work in TV and have some serious clout, or you are a millionaire and you would love to make a TV show that has been critically acclaimed for four seasons, then what are you waiting for. If I won the Lotto tomorrow, I would be on a plane to New York. On my bucket list is a trip to New York, and a visit to the places where Sex and the City was filmed. My first port of call would be looking into doing a set visit when the cast are filming.

I have no idea what is costs to make a 23 episode TV show in a city like New York, however there has to be someone out there with the connections or money to take this on. This is going to suck if season 5 is the end. I wish I did not know that the creators have at least two more seasons of material planned out. Damn it!

Someone will create a series like this one eventually and it will suck, in fact every attempt at recreating Person of Interest will suck. Why would this network do everything in their power to kill this show. A January premiere, the timeslot will be Friday or Sunday, GRRRR. What network exec in their right mind treats a show as original as POI like this. The rating drop has looked and felt worse than it actually is. It is not as bad as CBS think and they are making such a huge mistake. Person of Interest is the first TV drama I have watched live in a very long time. It is the only show worth that much of my time. CBS have the best, most talked about, relevant and unique show on their hands and they have no idea how to sell it. They are fools, it sells itself, every week when it airs.

I just want it to be over. Either a decision is made by CBS whether season five is the last, and they are not saying in case Warner Bros take their show somewhere else. Could this be true? Why is it that Nina Tassler is telling fans exactly what she said three months ago. Surely CBS know what they intend to do; their behavior signals the end. It is has been identical to how they behaved when the Mentalist ended. Perhaps they are all hedging their bets.

More news to come, I am sure. Stay tuned for the next update.


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JohnRoberts wrote on July 6, 2015, 7:59 PM

That is a bad sign. They did the same thing for The Mentalist and promptly canceled the series. There is a trend toward 13 episode limited series but it sounds like Person of Interest has run its course.