By in Random

The Journey

Life is one decision after another. The tough decisions are the ones that get you on the path to the most success. Success will never easily be obtained and that is why it is seldom obtained. Too often individuals believe that the easiest road is the best because it leads to less scrapes and bruises. While you may come out on the other end without a hair out of place, you will find that you never really left where you were before. You simply went around the bend and ended up right back at point A. Was it easy? Yes of course it was, but definitely not worth it.

The hard work and tears along the path less traveled will lead you to your final destination and open doors to possibilities that you never before imagined. Once there, you can patch up your wounds and begin on another journey. Easy is not always best and hard does not mean inevitable disaster. The choice is yours.

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CalmGemini wrote on June 15, 2015, 8:46 AM

Welcome back melissadsteele .After your introductory post we have not seen you.Now that you are back hope to see you more here in Persona Paper.