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Conversation !!!

My little steps start taking long strides with my head throbbing like a printing press machine,where things ,people,incidents,anger,irritation,confusion,rage,disappointment,grudges,wait,failures and all were churning up inside a close globe like stabbing each other and asking different questions,confusions,solutions,decisions and results all kept popping up from a wide big screen and striking right into the soul.

I almost started running from walking , running as if nothing can stop me and nothing matters whats around.I kept running and running for long time until my energy stores start getting exhausted,breathing becomes difficult and legs start shaking like blown out tires then I come to my senses into the world back like popping out of deep water to grasp a breathe of air to survive.

The whole world seems new and strange then,as if seeing everything and everyone for the first time.The innocence of baby in the eyes,the curiosity of a traveler in a new city,the need to rest and getting into the flow of new air.A fully new different feeling of being lost and found,stressed and relieved,new and old,weak and strong.

I get a glimpse of a park sign board and gets drawn to that side of the way in search of place to sit and relax and come back to senses again.The busy park provides with a bench at far end as if just waiting for me hiding from the hustle and bustle of the crowd around.The feet gets stretched and back relaxed and with eyes close I rest my head on the bench brim.Suddenly I feel a shadow as if someone sat beside me.

Without being moved ,I remained still but a strange yet gentle voice gets into my ears.The voice says : So what do you see!!

I don't know why but yet with eyes closed,I replied to that voice :What does it matter to you'. Voice says : 'But it matters to you isn't it? Tell me'

I replied : 'what keeps everyone moving and living their lives in this world'?

Voice says: 'what do you think'?

Me: 'May be desire,attachments,relationship,possessions,greed,lust or may be they don't have any other option or may be no idea or reason yet but still keep searching'

Voice replies: 'Why cant "being alive" itself be the most simple reason as your answer'!!.A little pause then follows......................

That reply of "Being Alive" by the voice just seemed as a tight slap right into the face as if making me remember that ,sometimes we tend to forget the big and most genuine blessings we are being given.Concentrating on small silly inadequacies of life we just miss out the whole big idea of life itself in simple,pure and blissful form.

I wanted to open my eyes and see the image of the voice but apparently wanted to talk more to that voice.

So I continued,"That was a good reply indeed,now tell me then what is it behind giving everyone in this world a different story ,a different life to live when at core we all are same.I mean cause of these differences we tend to compare,be jealous,have complains and feel unfortunate"!!!

The voice was still as gentle as ever,It replied in a question to me,'Do you go for grocery for yourself'?

I was like who does not go for grocery, after all food is what we all require at the end of the day.So I replied carelessly,"Yes I do ,after all I am not a robot to just get plug in to get charged up"!!

The voice was still calm even after my stupid comment,"How do you like it'?

I said,"What is there to be liking about it,Initially I use to look for different options for same thing i wanted to buy.But Gradually it turns out that we actually know what we want and we even have our brand selected so its like go straight to that section and that shelf and pick it up.I even now know prices of some of them by heart.We don't keep changing our tastes as such, just try new things once in a while if some good deal exists".

"So isn't it sort of mechanical and uninteresting task ",replied voice.I said ,"Yes,most of the times ,you can say that.'

"How about your shopping sprees for other things like apparels,shoes,accessories ?",asked the voice.

I replied,'That is quiet different experience.Every time you go to buy even in same store ,you will have new variety,trends,stock,prints,designs and almost new search every time you go.You have to keep looking till you find the one to settle down with and sometimes you like it but the size does not like you'.My lips got stretched with a faint smile speaking that last line.

'That sounds so interesting task then,where you have to be on your toes and keep looking,hoping,researching,selecting,sacrificing even sometimes to get just the best one for you in all little ways ',spoke the Voice with a long breath this time.

'You are right,we get tired after doing it sometimes but the happiness inside when we get something worth ,something which gets us praised,appreciated,appear beautiful and having it itself makes the self confidence go little higher many a times',I was just on my high notes replying this.

Voice just took this opportunity as if waiting for this moment to make his home run,"That s the reason and the answer to your question too'!!!!!

'The concept of life itself has to be interesting,full of up and down,grief and smiles,hard work and fortune,getting and letting go,resisting and tempting,thinking and doing,calculating and risking,wining and failing,hoping and disappointing,fun and discipline,budgeting and lavishing and list goes on',Voice continued.

That is why we all tend to have different story,own experiences,unique roles and different lives as whole to keep this basic quality of lives to be really alive constantly.

The real beauty is how so many different scripts get together on same platform of this world and get blended so smoothly and precisely to perform the whole giant play of existence and survival called "Life", Voice said before taking a pause, as if turning page of his secret code book.

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Lovebeingmummy wrote on June 14, 2015, 6:47 AM

I enjoyed reading your post, great ideas

lookatdesktop wrote on March 20, 2016, 11:46 AM

You have a lot on your mind. Well done.