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Donate to charity by watching videos

Did you know that each time you watch a YouTube video, if the uploader has ads on that video, he/she will earn money from it? It has become quite a big business with many individuals focusing solely on making videos and creating a career out of it.

As an animal lover, you'll probably have watched many viral videos with cats standing like humans or dogs talking but many charities are also making their way onto YouTube. Whether you enjoy watching domestic animal videos or wildlife related videos you won't get bored but I like to subscribe to these charities and make sure I watch each of their videos in order to help them.

If you know how Adsense works then you'll know that by clicking on an ad that person will make more money but please do not click on ads over and over again to help a specific charity or they could get their ads removed. Even just by watching a video you are helping as they could be earning money for every 1000 views.

Subscribe to the likes of Wildlife Aid - and Big Cat Rescue - and while you're enjoying watching some very cute animals, you may also be helping them.

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MelissaE wrote on June 13, 2015, 7:25 PM

These are some good points that you have made about video ad revenues.