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Just wanted to share some of my photo shoots via Camera+ iOS app. Hope you like them.



Marine Fishes:



By the way, I just learned that Apple does not accept DEBIT cards except Payoneer MasterCard I guess. Gosh! Glad I can use the Camera+ app. I bought/installed it using my Visa Debit Card (Unionbank EON).

I was forced to get an account with Payoneer. I hope to receive the card next month and if withdrawing Paypal funds from Payoneer card would be successful or less fees I will not get a local debit card anymore.

Any non US residents using Payoneer MasterCard for buying mobile apps or for Paypal withdrawals here? (I guess US residents are NOT allowed to get this Payoneer debit card).

Image Credit » ALL photos are my own

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chrisandmark wrote on June 7, 2015, 5:14 AM

Gorgeous pics, the sunrise ones are stunning - it's amazing the quality of photos we can take on our phone now