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Sticky Day...Happy Friday.?...


It's May 29th on a Friday. Since about noon it has been super sticky, warm, and just uncomfortable at home. We were supposed to hit 85 degrees in my location. Even though that could be worse that doesn't mean feeling stuck to your chair a little is fun. I've been sweating too. My hair isn't liking it so it's deciding to get dry, and hard to untangle a bit. On the bright side, it's Friday!! That means the weekend starts tomorrow even though it won't be much cooler. Mid-next week should be cooler, and showery. I am missing the cool weather. Especially the rain. Sadly not much rain should be coming as we get closer to Summer Vacation. That means it will be in the 90's in June, and possibly 103 in August. At least our management pool has opened since Memorial Day. One problem on that I don't have a swimsuit yet, but I may by the second week of June. Hope everyone is staying cool the best they can because as I'm typing my right leg is fairly stuck to my right arm annoyingly.

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