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It's almost summer

Summer feels like it is here weather-wise, but school is not quite out yet. It depends on where kids go as to when they get out as well as what age they are. It's warm though and it feels like summer. It is supposed to be warm until Monday-school or not. We have a few activities planned for when it is all around summer. Sleeping in a bit is one plus. Going to the pool is another that will happen pretty soon. We're doing a local group activity as well and checking out the farmers market.

Plus, I want to try my hand at growing a vegetable and fruit or two on the patio (yup, I said patio). I am really anxious to try this and hoping the bees and hornets don't find growing produce before we do. I'm planning on starting this project asap. Can't wait to have tomatoes and apples growing on our patio-so delish!

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