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Stuff To Look Forward To


It's Tuesday May 26th 2015. Days are flying by. Last night or for the past few days I've been wanting it to be Summer Vacation really bad. I have tomorrow, and Thursday to only worry about. Then Friday-Sunday I am free. Come Monday I will have to go like usual. Then that Tuesday morning I will call off the bus(June 2nd). Anyway, right after I get through that day I will be going fishing with the class all day. Can't wait to have fish to eat at home. And then the next day is my last day of work experience. After getting through the last day of it I pretty much will quite coming to class since there will be less then 5 days anyway. Mostly I won't be going because I have fun plans or at least there is stuff I want to do for fun. Hope to sleep well tonight or else just put up with being on little sleep to no sleep. That's what having hot coffee is for in the morning.

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