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Happy Tuesday


Hope everyone had a good Memorial weekend. I did. Even though I don't think I have any family members that died from fighting war I do have a family member who did go to the navy, and they did make it home. My grandma's husband was in the navy a while ago. I feel for all those men that fight everyday never getting a chance to really ever see their families. So many loaded stuff go through my head on that topic with adding it to stuff that people think should be legal that I think why there are tons out there going hungry while were being bratty thinking we can do whatever we want. Anyway. I'm just not thrilled with how bad people want what they want that they don't really need. It's crazy that it's already a Tuesday when it feels like it should be a Monday, but I am somewhat happy it's a Tuesday because I get a short week. No I didn't go to class today, but at least I got the bus called off that way I don't get looked at hinting I didn't call it off like I used to not know how and ignored the routine. Mostly it was an adjustment at that time. Tomorrow I have work experience which is usually slow, but the next day it usually busy. In 2 days I have snickers and water just for working hard. Then when Friday comes I am free.

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