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Memorial Day

Hi everyone,

It's May 25th 2015 on a Monday. Even though were at a new week again, it doesn't feel like it due to Memorial Day, and also because I've been sleeping in. Although I didn't sleep in today because I am one happy to have peace in the morning because my family makes up for that later, two I also don't want to sleep in because it'll be a pain to sleep tonight since I am gonna end up going to class tomorrow even though I don't want to for one reason otherwise I would be open. Anyway. In out group I hope we got somewhere that has a Starbucks or some beverage place that isn't completely expensive. Thank goodness this week is going to be short due to Memorial Day. Well also for me it's gonna be a little more shorter because I don't go to class on Fridays. So, I just have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to get through this week. Next week I am going on the Monday which will be June 1st 2015. I think I am going on June 2nd too(when my best guy friend would of passed 5 years ago when it marks the date again, but I've overcome thankfully). Right after June 2nd we will be off on our fishing trip from morning until afternoon so that will be fun. Then the next day is my last day of work experience. Before I know it there I am done for the year I will just have a picnic thing to go to that coming Monday.

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Kasman wrote on May 25, 2015, 5:32 PM

What - no more sticking bits of metal into yourself? You must be on holiday! emoticon :smile: