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Ways to Relax List - Writing Prompt

I found this writing prompt a while back and never got around to doing it. Between wrestling, writing/babysitting and Poltergeist last weekend, I haven't done a whole lot of blogging or writing prompts as of late. Sooo, I decided to do one lol...

"Make a list of what relaxes you and helps you feel calm."

I'm actually going to do this in list-form. I think that's how you're supposed to do it anyways. One of the websites I look at for ideas is nothing but making lists. I like to make lists, okay haha?

So anyways, things that help me to feel calm, in no particular order....

- Laying down; whether I am sleeping or not. I mean, sometimes it's better to sleep, but then other times I'm okay just laying down and being left alone.
- Watching WWE. I have my moments where I get over-excited or angry, but it still relaxes me because I enjoy it so much.
- Watching my old sitcoms, even if I've seen them over and over. Same goes for some movies.
- Listening to music.
- Laying in the grass when it's really nice out. I usually put my hood up so I don't get grass in my hair, and my sunglasses on lol.
- Doing something creative. Even when it frustrates me, I still have fun doing it.
- Goofing off; just laughing and being silly.
- Alone time. Sometimes all I need is to be left alone to do whatever; watching a movie, listening to music, laying down, etc. Just give me some time to think and relax.

I guess that's it for now lol. Maybe I'll add more to the list with another post sometime, but I don't know when. I'm multitasking and somewhat tired, so this is all I can come up with right now. Feel free to try it on your own post. :)

I'm gonna wrap this up. See ya, everyone. Take care. :)

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MegL wrote on May 24, 2015, 6:19 PM

I love to take a long hot bath and even fall asleep in it, though it's better doing that in winter than in summer, otherwise I get too hot when I go to bed.

luisga814 wrote on May 24, 2015, 10:25 PM

I almost taking a bath at least three times a day. Sometimes if too humid, I took a bath for four times.

ViperGirl85 wrote on May 26, 2015, 8:40 PM

MegL and luisga814 - I'm glad you both have ways to relax! We ALL need to relax a bit!