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Today May 23, 2015 is the wedding anniversary of my parents

It was May 23, 1975 when my father and my mother got married. That was a long years ago. They are going to celebrate today as their 40th Wedding Anniversary - May 23, 2015. But maybe for sure, my mother together with my sister visits another place. They are going to visit the cemetery in which my father burried in 1999. My father died February 26, 1999 before they were going to celebrate their 24th Wedding Anniversary. My mother is living with my sister together with my younger brother and his wife and daughter. I myself as the eldest found myself renting another house to feel independence and have a rule of my own as a family man. I really missed my father. Hope you are still alive right now. So, that you all know what is happening. #Wedding Note: I do not have a soft copy of my father's picture.

Image Credit » My mother and my sister. This photo was lift from the FB account of my sister

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luisga814 wrote on May 24, 2015, 1:23 AM

To my father who is already beside the Creator, please pray for us here on Earth.