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Today..What's Going On...

Hi everyone,

So, today I am hanging out with my mom. My class has a zoo trip that I chose not to go to, and so since I am not going to it may as well not come to class. No work experience like usual today because it wouldn't be necessary since no one will be in class all day. Between 11:30am and noon my mom is looking at taking me to Mcdonald for their half off thing going on again. If you want it I would think it goes in the afternoon. Any drink unless I am mistakened, but my hazelnut iced coffee should be 0.79. I am looking at grabbing Mcdonalds today. Yesterday at work experience I am on the bus waiting for it to hit 10am because I don't go inside until then so I am listening to the buses radio, and as I am I am hearing about that Mcdonald deal. Anyway from that. Today's weather there is a good chance for thunder, and lightning. Funny we were supposed to get it last night, but I heard nothing. BOO!!

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