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My Sunday Rocked!

I know I’ve been absent for a few days, but I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I was going to have a busy Sunday, and I did. But it was a great Sunday! It started off annoying, but it got better of course. :)

I took my eleven year old niece downtown with me to watch the WWE’ers arrive at the arena for Payback. We met WWE ref Charles Robinson and announcer Michael Cole, and both of them were really nice. :) I also hung out with several friends, whom I do not really see unless the WWE is in town. We left a few hours later to head home and rest before the event.

I went to WWE Payback with my niece (the same one) and my best friend. It was fun seeing my favorites, including Randy Orton, John Cena and Stardust. The people in our row were super annoying though. I can understand getting up here and there during the show, but during almost every match? I missed several photo opportunities, nearly wrecked my sign because of people going by and eventually spilling something and kept getting in the way of the people behind me (I apologized and they understood). The people sitting in front and behind us knew how annoyed we were. If all you’re gonna do is keep walking out, consider skipping the event for crying out loud.

Other than those annoying fans, I pretty much had a great match! Randy Orton was my favorite guy to see, but the “I Quit” match between John Cena and Rusev was my favorite of the night. :)

I also bought the Randy Orton “Venom In My Veins” hat to match my t-shirt and wristbands, so I’m ready for SummerSlam in August and Raw in September hehe. :)

Yesterday I was either lazy or working, and today I fell behind, so that’s where I have been since Sunday. I’m gonna head off here now because I’m kind of busy, but I hope you all have a great evening (or morning). Take care! :)

Edit: I removed the photo to prevent breaking any rules, or copyright issues. Sorry. Thank you.

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