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News That Is Good For Me!!

Hello everybody,

I'm still up. Yes I got sleep lol. I checked my email this morning to see if this animal shelter not to far from me got back to me when I confirmed with them on what day will work to go to the orientation training. Well, guess what? I am signed up!! Yay!! That means I get to start training to move along to the housekeeping training, and then after I believe is when I get to do potty walking training. I am very excited!! So, now I am gonna have a fun, and busy Summer. I'll get to see dogs, and get therapy from them. Most of this is because I want to help out, but part of it is getting therapy. Although I do miss snuggling with this one dog that got me into them, but I have to move on, but that's why I am volunteeringfor an animal shelter.

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