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Person Of Interest Season 4 Finale

Hands up those who love this show! I am in awe of the writers this season, even though they frustrated me no end, that is why I love this show and hope it continues for years to come. There will be a Season Five; of this I have no doubt. What I love is that you never see what is coming next, this show could not be predictable if it tried. I gotta say though, I had hoped Claire had turned up again, having come to her senses, but how can Harold even trust her now.

The team saved the machine, and Harold will rebuild it. The re-birth of the machine will see Harold build something even more spectacular and she will be able to finally take down Samaritan. I have a few issues with the finale. Is Elias really dead and will Greer kill Control, I really hope not as I like the actress Camrym Manhiem and love the work she does when she pops in on POI from time to time. If I had to guess, I would say that Samaritan and the new and improved machine will duke it out next season.

I am not going to say much more except well done to everyone who makes this show possible. You all kicked butt and gave Season 4 it's awesomeness. I will no doubt be back to discuss this show again after I have re-watched, because there probably heaps of stuff I missed given I was crying and shouting at the TV throughout the last two episodes of probably the best season finale of this show yet.

I gotta say; it is hard to compare because every single episode of this show kicks butt, I though I had done the last of my crying last week when Carter showed up as a flashback from the past and in John's mind while he was unknowingly freezing to death in his car.

Roll on September, I am so not going to enjoy waiting over four months to see this wonderful show on my TV again.


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