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Happy Friday!!

Hi everyone!!

At last, everyone should somewhat be able to say they are happy it's Friday because most people usually don't work on weekend even though it depends on the job. Anyway. How's everyone's week gone? For me it's been good so far. I'm still waiting to get a call about getting paid work from an application I had to fill out in this adult program I'm in. And I am now also waiting for a teacher or case manager or whoever I call this person I know them though to get help me get my honored citizen ID card finally. As I am stuck waiting to hear from some stuff I can post on here. That does remind me though. I need to call my bank about my linking to bank to Paypal problem. Whenever I am trying to link my bank to my Paypal it's saying my bank is disabled when it's not. I type my account # in right, so I don't know what the problem is. Hope to get that figured out soon because it's annoying to not be able to move any amount of money in your Paypal to your bank account to play with or use for some reasons. Also as I am typing here I am thinking of drinking my glass cup of vanilla cold coffee that I got yesterday, and then watch more YouTube videos. I watched some Netflix last night which was fun. My favorite user on YouTube hasn't uploaded a video, so I am just gonna watch other videos or watch her old videos. Tonight @6 :30pm I am going out for Panda Express with my mom, grandma, her husband, my cousin, and two brothers. It will be fun. Tomorrow I have a pool pass to pick up if I want to go swimming around my apartment management area.

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