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My Verdict After Re-Watching Derek Shepherds Death On Grey's Anatomy

Yep, well I just watched the episode again and I am about to watch the final three episodes for this season. I also have read a couple of reviews, one from my favourite Grey's Anatomy writer at Spoiler TV. Her suspicions match a little with mine, that I believe the episode was a great big Eff You from Shonda Rhimes to Patrick Dempsey who plays the part of Derek Shepherd, is a well-known and popular actor, excellent at his craft and loved by many fans.

I will concede that the first part of the aftermath of Derek Shepherd's death was done well, there was a funeral that we saw 15 seconds and we were told Cristina Yang did attend, this is enough for me, it might not be so for other fans, however if Cristina had been ignored and not given a mention, I would have been pissed. I felt that the short moments of grief we saw were well done. And the credit goes to Stacy McKee who should have written "How To Save A Life" Shonda Rhimes; what were you thinking? You just cannot help but to inject your personal issues into certain storylines. I hazard a guess that you force your writers to do this too, because this would not be the first time.

Okay, I will get off this topic and move right along to what the fans have said and Maxine who reviews Grey's Anatomy at Spoiler TV, I cannot provide a link here as it it against the rules, however if you are a die hard fan of Grey's, you will know where to find Spoiler TV.

I don't think it would have mattered whether Derek died at GSM or the useless hospital where he was treated by equally useless doctors who were not training in trauma or even set up for it. But, I hated the fact the he narrated his own death and I actually do not believe he would have even been in once piece. That truck hit Derek directly on the driver's side of the car. The fact that he reached for his phone while in the middle of the road, doing a U turn pissed me off and I know before the truck hit him that going for the phone was a mistake and what killed him. Also, what happened to there being no phone reception where he was.

Some of the above, I have drawn my own conclusions, however Maxine has opened my eyes to the fact that Rhimes, while it was sheer genius on her part when she created Grey's and kept it going 11 year with the show still dominating the demo ratings on a Thursday night, she cannot seem to keep her personal crap out of the script. Shonda; put down the god damned crack pipe and write like a writer would who loves their characters. Did Patrick Dempsey really get a good send off in episode 21. I don't believe so, and I would have also expected Meredith to at least call his family or at the very least; Amelia.

As for the funeral, we did not see his family there, so I guess we just need to assume that they were in fact there. I will never believe that they were not on the first plane when they got the news. Meredith should have been there at the hospital long before the mistakes were made, at least she would have had a chance to see her husband before he ended up brain dead. Could it be that Shonda does not like the character of Meredith Grey. It seems in Shonda's world that a woman cannot have it all. A happy family, kids, career and whatever else without tragedy after tragedy happening.

Please do not misunderstand me; I am fully aware that Patrick Dempsey wanted out of Grey's, he has wanted to leave for years and killing him off was the only scenario that makes sense. Meredith and Derek were endgame and would never have divorced. Shonda has probably lost the ratings of most of the MerDer Shippers now and will need to rebuild to get the show back on it's feet and still dominating the demo ratings.....she has a hell of a task ahead and this would have been the case, no matter how she chose to exit McDreamy. I have my doubts that Grey's will go on any longer than one more season.

I love the show, and hope it is around for ten years time, providing the writing is good. Maxine was spot on when she said that Season 11's writing has been excellent. Even the crappy filler episodes like the penis story line and Bailey and Ben's story with Ben's brother were entertaining because of the excellent writing. No sooner does Ms Rhimes pick up a pen and it goes to crap. Sorry Shonda, but it is true.

I have watched the first part of "She's Leaving Home" and I am up to where they have discovered Meredith has taken off, so far this episode is excellent, but it is early days. I believe it is a double ep and I need to finish watching it. However in saying that; Stacey McKee penned this episode, so I have high hopes that it will not go to crap.

Stay tuned for my next TV Show Rant. Oh and before I forget, goodbye McDreamy and I truly am sorry for all of the MerDer shippers. You guys must be livid with anger.


This article will also be posted on Grey's Anatomy Addicts which contains load of content about Grey's Anatomy, even some stuff from the early days. I will also include a few reviews from Maxine, so you can see what I mean about this wonderful writer.

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Hollyhocks100 wrote on May 16, 2015, 5:11 AM

I just saw the episode where Derek is hit by the lorry and ends up on life support on Spanish TV, but for some reason here episodes don´t go in sequence and even if they did I´m a channel surfer so it´s hit and miss what I watch or don't. I think they are running a series of the worst times in Greys, though, because a few days ago, it was the shooting incident, and before that the death of another star doctor.

lexiconlover wrote on July 8, 2015, 9:51 PM

I still haven't watched any of this last season, but I knew Patrick wasn't coming back for another year, Hes been wanting to do other things for awhile.

I personally was more upset when Eric Dane left the show and his character died then I was when I read that Derek got killed. I was always more of a Mark fan.