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Grey's Anatomy - McDreamy Is Dead, Courtesy Of A Huge Mack Truck

This one is for people who might not follow my blog on Grey's Anatomy and have not heard that Patrick Dempsey finally manned up and left ABC's Grey's Anatomy (I think I posted that news). They (ABC) are none too pleased, and Shonda Rhimes probably wished the Mack truck scene was real (rumor has it she is furious). That is how angry I believe she was when he wriggled his way out of a one year contract to star in the show for season twelve.

Nonetheless, I am happy that he is gone, Derek was becoming a right pain in the ass with his "my career is everything crap." I love the idea of Meredith being a star surgeon on her own, but I don't think it will happen. Shonda Rhimes will throw every kind of tragedy at the girl until she kills herself. One by one her family end up dead, this poor girl cannot win, what is planned for season 12 Ms Rhimes? Will you do something terrible to one of her kids. Will she ever be happy? Does happy exist in Shonda's world or do you just deal with crap every day of your life? You must know that the little hussy who kissed McDreamy is bound to show up in Seattle all broken hearted and apologising for kissing Mer's husband.

Now I have not watched the last two recent episodes, they are saved to my drive, but I am waiting for the finale this morning to screen and then I will be watching them all together. My point is I have not seen McDreamy's funeral or know whether he even got one. I heard a snippet of gossip that Derek's funeral or lack thereof was completely disrespectful to the actor and character, given the amount of time he was on the show. However, in saying this, Patrick probably brought this all on himself. He was (no doubt in my mind now) fighting with Shonda Rhimes all season.

Let us face it guys, we did not see McDreamy from episode eight, I believe it was not until he turned up in Seattle after kissing the hussy in Episode 18 that fans saw him again. And in Episode 21, Shonda drives a Mack truck into his car on the driver's side, no one could survive that, he was dead and in pieces from the moment of impact. All the crap in the hospital was his afterlife before Mer had him removed from life support.

The stuff we saw in "pretend Washington" was all crap and totally beneath Derek as a character. There is no way in hell Derek kisses another woman, it is character assassination all over again. The Derek we met in Season 1 would not kiss another woman, not when Shonda works so hard to convince the audience that their love is one of a kind and so unique and they are MFEO, so give me a break. You people who call yourself the writers at Grey's Anatomy need to start standing up to Ms Rhimes.

Yes I am well aware she wrote Derek's death episode, so you had not control over that, but seriously did that character not deserve a proper send off. Did ABC even try to get Sandra Oh back for the funeral. I cannot believe that Cristina; Meredith's person was not at the funeral (we all know how Shonda hates writing scripts for funerals). She could have had another writer do it.

I was sick of Mr Mc Pain in the Bum, but I do think the actor deserved a decent send off for his character and I also think Patrick Dempsey is the biggest idiot the ever lived. I do not claim to know his financial situation, but he races cars, which costs fortune...literally millions of dollar would be spend doing this, and he has not long ago filed for divorce, he will be up for alimony and child-support and if his ex wife is not working, then he will not end up living in their family home and will probably have to pay the mortgage too. Why on earth would he give up a salary of over $300,000 per episode. Now he was only in around half of the season this year, and that is well over $3 million dollars he would have earned.

That 3 million dollars will not go far. He will be lucky if that money is not already gone on his expensive car racing hobby and he is now dealing with an expensive divorce. And, to my knowledge he has not got any other acting work lined up, there has been no movie deals offered to Dempsey in a long time, so what in the hell gives here, it just does not make sense.

Anyway, it's all a puzzle. All that is left to say now is good bye and good riddance to McDreamy, I really loved you in the earlier seasons, but God you have been a pain in the rear in recent seasons. Why didn't they keep Mark Sloan and get rid of McDreamy in the plane crash a few seasons ago. I so miss Mark Sloan (McSteamy).

Lastly I do wish to express my condolences to all of the McDreamy and MerDer fans. It really sucks big time when your favorite couple are destroyed beyond repair in a TV show that you love. For these people, the show will never be the same again. And some of these fans won't watch; can you really blame them?

That is my rant for today, I will no doubt be back later or tomorrow.

Cheers readers, Jel

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