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Dreadful Day..But Got Through It..

Hi guys,

Today is Tuesday May 12th. Went on outgroup with part of my class in the program. So, what was so dreadful? Having to face being in the group with a friend I have given up staying friends with anymore. It was so awkward seeing the person, butt we minded our own businesses. We didn't say one word to each other since 9am this morning. Wow. Stuff like this is sad, but I find it mostly sad because it happened a different way then past friends I stopped connecting with. My past friends stopped connecting with me, and talking to me all together when I was having a hard time with my first loss at the time. They are missing out on where I am today. I've overcome the loss. And I also have made''new''friends since then. In fact there is a friend I am talking into starting our first hang out somewhere. Taco Bell may be the first place we hang at. Can't wait to get it set up!! This friend is super cool. She talks to me like she wants to hear from me. Hugs me. I've gotten to know more about her life, and she knows a bit about my life. When it comes to not seeing both parents for different situational reasons we have that pretty common as well.

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