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Do we need more gun control in the United States?

Firstly a few notes:

1. I am English and come from a society where there is no gun ownership.

2. While gun crime is high in the US, there are countries with no gun ownership that have higher rates of violent crime. I fully believe in the right for an individual in the US to own a gun.

3. As someone who has come from a country where you are not allowed to own guns, I feel I have an interesting perspective of the whole gun debate.

Guns have been part of America from the inception of the country and they will always be part of this great nation. The United States has survived several hundred years with their citizens owning fire arms, and even though there is a problem currently with guns getting into the wrong hands, ownership laws should not change.

However, with the number of school shootings and ‘nutcase’ shootings I feel that some of the laws that exist already should be tightened to ensure that guns do not get into the wrong hands – this includes the hands of criminals. Here are a couple of problems though:

It is very easy for anyone (of legal age) to get a gun – background checks often do not show up problems though. Not sure how these checks can be improved though.

Children are getting their hands on guns – it’s almost impossible to stop this I guess – perhaps guns should be locked in a way where only the owner can get them – i.e. by using fingerprint technologies.

Guns can be given to someone – my father in law had a gun – as he got older he gave the gun to his cousin – no background checks are done, and no authority is informed. Maybe there should be a log of every gun in the country and every owner – at the very least this would show guns where the owners have died and allow the authorities to find out what happened to these guns.

There are tons of other arguments and problems – the key is that there needs to be a dialogue between the gun lobby and the anti-gun lobby - name calling and abuse are not going to solve the problems associated with gun control – real adult dialogue is the only way a solution can be found.

Do you think it’s possible to stop guns from getting into the wrong hands?

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gulp_burp wrote on June 11, 2014, 9:08 AM

In the Philippines, we need a license to carry or own any firearm. But then, there are a lot of guns that are in the black market and many are unregistered.

UmiNoor wrote on June 11, 2014, 11:36 PM

I await a time when the technology exists for each gun to only be able to be used by the owner only; just like what I see in the movie Judge Dredd. If you're not the owner of the gun, you cannot fire the weapon.