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Double Bubble Slots

As I’m a bit of a I’m always happy when I hear of sites devoted to gaming. I have many friends who, alongside their tendencies, also enjoy a good machine battle, whether on a real device or via slot machine gaming.

Most of them have played at least one round of Double Bubble slots, the famous offering, in their time, and some have, naturally, played many more. For those not familiar with the game, Double Bubble slots is a video version of a fruit machine or slot machine, what the Americans would call a ‘one armed bandit’. It has a 5 x 3 display, which means it has five reels showing three symbols, the middle line usually being the one which determines whether the player gets a payout or not. The is known to pay out frequently, and can pay up to a maximum jackpot of £80,000. That’s the kind of money which would make a sizeable dent in a mortgage these days, but even so, frequent payouts make it a fun and rewarding game to play.

A site such as Double Bubble Slots UK is what every good game deserves, a site devoted entirely to the game, including links to reviews, a list of sites currently hosting the game, where to find free cash bonuses, promo codes, which sites are paying welcome bonuses and all the other tips and tricks gamers need to make their gameplay a success.

For complete beginners, the site also has links to and tutorials, to ensure that even the newest player gets the most from the game. The home page is very clearly laid out, with big images and distinct headings. The Double Bubble Slot Review page starts with a rundown of the game’s features and follows up with several other write ups of the game and its plays. The bonus games don’t always rely on the middle line being the winning one, either, as explained in the piece on the Bubble Line bonus.

The Bingo Sites with Double Bubble page has information on those sites where players can deposit an amount and get 2-300% welcome bonuses to entice them in to play. Links to the requisite codes are prominently displayed, as well as a paragraph or two on each opportunity. The blog is a mine of information for old and new players alike, with posts about slot symbols as well as detailed reviews of similar video slot games to Double Bubble slots.

Should you ever get bored of Double Bubble slots, that is.

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MelissaE wrote on May 10, 2015, 7:18 AM

Most places in the United States do not allow online gambling.

WordChazer wrote on May 10, 2015, 10:43 AM

A sensible idea, given that it is addictive just like nicotine or alcohol. Here in the UK, however, we have embraced the online gambling idea with a vengeance and even had an advertising campaign a few years ago titled 'Britain's bingo'ing crazy!'. I personally don't visit the bingo and casino sites, but I have played the odd round of Double Bubble on freeplay machines at the computer conventions I attend. Then all I'm playing for is points - and I'm pretty useless so I don't ever trouble the top ten boards.