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Wondershare DVD Slideshow Maker Deluxe Won't Burn To DVD

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Deluxe Did Not Burn to DVDs

My wife wanted me to help her prepare a couple of slide shows of photos to DVD, one for her (mostly) and one featurnig our son. Windows Movie Maker wasn't able to burn to readable DVDs, so I scuored the internet. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Deluxe was feature rich, not too expensive and had a trial version available. Basically, the trial version did everything the purchased version does, except it had a legible watermark superimposed over the screen.

Boy, am I glad I didn't buy the program.

Slide shows were fairly easy to set up and there was lots of flexibility as to available transition effects and picture length. However, the program was annoying from the outset because you could set default transitions on picture length and transition effect for the entire file but those defaults would not be respected on new photos that were inserted.

The program did an excellent job of making MP4 videos. However, it wouldn't burn dvds reliably. I tried varying the parameters, using the drives on my laptop and desktop and an external drive, but it only worked about 20% of the time. It would go to 80% done and lock up or to 100% and then return a dvd error. When it did work the buring process would take 30 – 45 minutes.

So, I'm now trying a different program which does not have as many features but did burn an acceptable DVD on the first try from my laptop. More testing ahead.

Thanks for reading. God bless!

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