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Another poetry form that I tried and realized when I went to post it that I goofed up on the structure--in this case getting the rhymes for the last two stanzas wrong. (Ugh! I don't know why I keep having this problem!);p Bleh. Anywho, as usual, it's still a poem. I'll try to introduce the "correct form" later. ;(


Some glad day there will be

That moment when I see you,

And we will have our happy reunion


And then, we will see

Many other loved ones, too;

Friends stretching as far as the horizon.


There by the crystal sea

We'll see what we knew was true

As will many people from all nations


We'll be with Him, fin'ly

He who died for me and you

We'll show our eternal adoration.

© Stacey Uffelman 5/7/15

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