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Here I thought

So here I thought once summer comes I'll have more time to get onto Persona While today I had time until 4, I work nearly every day this week (not complaining but was unexpected since it is at a different store because she was short staffed) but at least I had some time to myself today and was nice to finally sleep in. But tomorrow I'm making plans to finally hang out with my neighbor after a busy semester we both had. Then work wednesday and Thrusday. Off Friday and was planning on going to visit my parents but picked up a shift this Saturday at my regular store so now I won't be able to go until that night or Sunday.

And Sunday is Mother's Day so I would have liked to have woken up to give her breakfast in bed (even though my family does it super early and I end up just jumping from my bed to my parent's and falling asleep again haha). But I look forward to the three or four days where I will be home and can finally take a break, maybe run some errands. Heck, I've been meaning to go to the store and get food but have either been feeling too lazy to do it or too busy to try and squeeze it into my day. Though I really do need to go do that sometime. I seriously only have pasta and canned goods. Doesn't really make for good meals.

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