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Ragna SS: Haunted House Epilogue Part 11

Epilogue Part 11:

"Mumma...We are going to visit dad today right?" Rohan says while hugging me and I put down the pen and kiss him on his forehead saying "Of course! Today your dada will be proud of his small son...After all his prince has become 4 now."

I am now standing outside the asylum. Rohan goes towards Raghav's room and it's so good to see the bonding and love of a father and son.

"Doc, how is Raghav's health now? Is he improving?"

"Yes Mr.s Singhania...Your husband is 80% fine now...In fact, I wanted to contact you 2 days back and give you the good news that you can take him home now...But I was waiting to monitor him for more 2 days..."

"What do you mean doc? I can take my husband home?" Tears of happiness start forming in my eyes and I can't believe this news.

"Of course Mrs. Singhania...You can take him home...He is no longer a cannibal...He is now a normal human being like you and me..."

After few hours, I complete the hospital formalities and leave with Raghav and Rohan. We enter our new home named RagNa mansion and Raghav holds my hands saying "Love...Our home?" I rest my head on his shoulder saying "Yes love...Our house...RagNa mansion...Now there will be no curse, no sleepless nights and no haunted dreams with us...Only love will stay and only happiness will be with us..."

Ghosts never exist in this world...It's only the mind that thinks that they exist...

Disclaimer: The character names in the story are fictional characters and owned by the creators of the show "Ek Mutthi Asmaan" on ZEE TV.

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