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(Sorta) Daily Writing Prompt

I’d like to continue a (sorta) daily writing prompt challenge. The original post is here . The prompts come from a book titled More Daily Wisdom: 365 Buddhist Inspirations . It consists of daily quotes from various Buddhist writings intended to inspire, to get the reader to think or feel. I wish to express this reaction in writing and hope to motivate others to do so also.

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The prompt for today, May 3, 2015, is:

(Paraphrased) Imagine yourself feeling a strong emotion toward a person such as anger. Now imagine yourself feeling another strong emotion such as attachment. That way, you will learn to recognize the psychological process involved in a forceful process, such as anger, and appreciate how grasping at reified qualities of the person lies at root of an afflictive emotion.

So I objectify person before I get angry at him or her? Not necessarily. Sometimes I just get angry at the person’s behavior, like the person who cut me off when I was trying to get on the freeway the other day. But then it’s gone. And I can figure this out without this little manipulative exercise and work through the unnecessary Latinate terms.

I’m not angry, but I am annoyed.



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