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2014 Royal Rumble - Brock Squashes Big Show - TBT Post

Spent sometime yesterday, watching last year's Royal Rumble. This post is about the Big Show-Brock Lesnar match. Paul Heyman had been touting Brock Lesnar as Brock the Unmerciful. Brock certainly lived up to that moniker in this match.

What was touted as a monster match between these two behemoths turned out to be a squash match in favor of Brock! Brock needed a big push and for sure he got all the push he needed in this match. So apparently, Big Show 'hurt' his hand prior to the match. He was vigorously shaking it as he was entering the ring. Out comes Brock with a steel chair and he brutalizes Big Show with it. The referee can't do anything about it because the match hasn't 'officially' started. Finally, the bell rings and the match starts. Big Show is able to get one WMD punch and he didn't even attempt to cover Brock for a pin. Brock recovers and he continued to torment Big Show with chair shot after chair shot. Brock makes a statement and wins this one rather easily pinning Big show after hitting the F5. The torment continues and I would love to see Brock frothing in the mouth like he did in his match against Frank Mir in the UFC but hey, this is a different sport. Same entertainment value though. LOL!

This match was a preview of what was to come. Brock Lesnar went on to Wrestlemania and he defeated the Undertaker to break Taker's Wrestlemania win streak. During that time, he also became WWE Champion. Of course, Brock, loses the title in a triple threat match to Seth Rollins. The other wrestler in that triple threat match, Roman Reigns, went up against the Big Show in the recent WWE ppv, Extreme Rules. Big Show was pinned, sandwiched is a better term, between two tables, and he loses the Last Man Standing Match against Roman Reigns.

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