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(Sorta) Daily Writing Prompt 04-30-2015

I’d like to continue a (sorta) daily writing prompt challenge. The original post is here . The prompts come from a book titled More Daily Wisdom: 365 Buddhist Inspirations . It consists of daily quotes from various Buddhist writings intended to inspire, to get the reader to think or feel. I wish to express this reaction in writing and hope to motivate others to do so also.

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The prompt for today, April 30, is:

To sit with the idea that you are going to gain enlightenment is just ridiculous.

No one is entitled to enlightenment.

Does enlightenment even exist? Is it something desirable? Sheldon Kopp wrote, as best as I can recall, something to the effect that, before enlightenment, a man gets up, goes to work, comes home, has dinner, makes love to his woman. After enlightenment, a man gets up, goes to work, comes home, has dinner, makes love to his woman. Is he any better off? Is his life any different? His life doesn’t sound that bad to begin with. He’s employed, has enough to eat and has someone to care for him. Isn’t enlightenment a luxury?

So how does one work toward enlightenment, assuming it exists and that it is something worth working for? Apparently not by the seat of one’s pants. My argument would be, if one such a thing exists, one is enlightened by living, by doing, but also by listening and by thinking—and not just about what color the drapes should be. One should think about the good and the better, the ramifications of one’s actions or inactions, the love one shows or fails to show.

One should think about the sadness and the joys of others. Sadness comes from living. It can’t be prevented. One should think about compassion, even when showing it will never, can never be repaid. And then do something about it. Yes, you have rights. Yes, you should expect to get your due in this world. At the same time, how much does showing kindness cost?

Oh…. didn’t expect that when I put the fingers to keys today.



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