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Advices on how to protect the environment

Many people want to protect the environment and think it is important to safe resources and reduce the pollution of our environment. Some of them inform themselves what the governments of their countries or what big companies are doing to protect the environment. The problem is, only few of them are actually taking actions in order to protect the environment themselves. The reason for this is that they think one single person can´t do a lot to support the environment and even if he does, the environment won´t benefit from it because they are alone. The environment however can be supported, if many people are doing something for the environment, even if those are only small actions. If many people live an environmentally friendly life, the environment can be supported a lot. In this article a few advices will be presented, that anyone can follow in order to support the environment without reducing his quality of life.

Advices that will help protecing the environment

Advice 1 – Use your own bags

Probably one billion people go out to buy food and other things every day, which they carry in bags that are made out of plastic which is produced with diminishing mineral oil. If one billion people use new bags every time they go out to buy something, a lot of mineral oil has to be used to produce new bags that are delivered to supermarkets, electronic markets and other stores. In order to do something about those massive amounts of mineral oil that are used only for the production of carrying bags, we can get plastic or cotton bags that we will take always with us when we go shopping. We can store bags on different sizes in a cupboard and use the bag with the right size for each shopping. By doing this, we can reduce the amount of mineral oil that is needed for such bags massively. Of course, mineral oil used for plenty of materials and shopping bags are only one area where mineral oil is needed, but using our own shopping bags does not reduce our quality of life at all and we do something to save the diminishing mineral oil. I advice anyone to do this, just like many countries around the world are doing. In Europe, for example, many countries have a law that forces stores to charge people for taking shopping bags if they want to buy something. Doing that, people are more or less forced to use their own shopping bags, which in this case is a good decision by the governments of their countries. That way people will automatically learn to use their own bags and help reduce the amount of mineral oil needed to produce shopping bags.

Advice 2: Always throw your waste in a container bin

Another very important advice that is easy to follow is, always to throw waste in a container bin, even when you are outside. After eating a chocolate bar or drinking an ice tea, throw your waste in a bin instead of leaving it on the sidewalk or throwing it on a meadow or in the forest. When you throw your waste in a bin, you will help keeping the environment clean. If you are hiking in the forest or in the mountains, it is especially important to take your waste with you in order to avoid polluting the wild nature that gives us air and provides place for wild animals and plants. People, who leave their waste inside the forest or in a beautiful mountain valley, do moral crimes in my opinion.

Advice 3 – Use public transport if possible

If you know a car and go with it to work, you can switch to the public transport if that will increase your journey by no more than 10 percent. You probably like your car and the comfort, it gives you, but using public transport safes a lot of fuel that is produced with mineral oil and helps, reduce the amount of mineral oil needed to generate fuel from it. The reduction of mineral oil use is very important because mineral oil is diminishing quickly and in some decades there will be no mineral oil left. It is still unclear, whether there will be enough regenerative energy sources that will replace mineral oil by then, because the governments and companies of important industrial countries are preventing companies from introducing new sources of energy that can replace mineral oil. As of today, there are new and regenerative sources of energy, but they are being delayed and not introduced for financial reasons of mineral oil companies and countries that are benefitting from them. Let us hope that in one decade the situation will change and countries will be more open for new forms of energy. Some countries are using new sources of energy, but not one country completely replaced them with mineral oil, for example to power vehicles or to power the heating in the winter.


Protecting the environment is essential for a good future of us and our children. Anyone can do something to support the environment. The advices in this article are not all there is, to protect the environment, but they are a start, and they don´t reduce the quality of life. Please follow them to support the environment.

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Soonerdad3 wrote on April 27, 2015, 10:16 PM

You have some very good advice here in your article, I hope someone can get some good use out of it.

peachpurple wrote on April 28, 2015, 1:54 AM

good ideas. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still asking for plastic bags even for a bar of chocolate. Here we use our own shopping bag on saturdays.