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Allen's Trip Shop - Baseball Items

Baseball season is just underway and so far I haven't been watching any games regularly. Just catching some highlights here and there.

Anyway, as you all know, I have an online shop where I sell sports items. I figure I'll write a post about my baseball themed items. I actually have a couple of jerseys, a couple of caps, and a vintage yearbook.

Let's start with the jerseys/shirts shall we?

I have a Chicago Sox Sucks shirt. LOL! I know, fans of rival teams will snatch it up while ChiSox fans will probably curse my online store to high heavens. Well, you can't please them all. The print on front of the shirt goes ' Chicago's Worst Disasters... The Fire, The Flood, The SOX!'. How mean is that? So if there are ChiSox fans out here in PP, don't worry, I won't upload the photo of that shirt. LOL! Consider it a goodwill gesture from yours truly. The others are jerseys from the

San Diego Padres, got two actually one white Photo is mine.

and one blue. Photo is mine.

I got a Detroit Tigers jersey Photo is mine.

and a Los Angeles Dodgers one Photo is mine..

Hopefully, I get to sell these jersey soon.

Phot is mine. I also have a couple of caps. Shown here are the Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Angels, and Boston Red Sox caps. Also included is the Liverpool cap that I have. Different sport, I know.

Among this lot, my favorite is a 1949 New York Yankees yearbook. It is the blue cover edition which collectors say is of lesser value compared to the one with the red cover. This actually sells for over $100 depending on where you look and depending on the condition of the item.

That's it about my baseball themed items.

For the PPers who have online stores, do you find yourself buying themed items?


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Image Credit » Photo is mine.

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