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Playing Relaxed

Talking about the friendly match between two collegiate women's volleyball teams. I won't tell which teams. Safe to say both teams boasts a lot of pretty faces in their respective line-ups.

This is a practice game only so players from both teams have been chatting with each other - a lot! Even the coaches from each team is joining the banter. Nothing serious and no trash talking - just a lot of normal talk - girl talk mostly. LOL!

Got invited to see both teams in practice and in a tune -up game because a good friend of mine is an alumna of one of the schools playing. She is a fairly active one and she was part of the volleyball varsity team. I told her I am a fan of her school so I got the invite. I was seated at the bench and I got to take real cool photos which I promised the girls that I won't be posting in public so there.

Over-all it is a good first hand experience. I got to see both teams play up close and those short shorts - my gawd!!! I love women's volleyball a thousand times over any other sport! LOL!

Do you local PPers follow the volleyball scene? How about the foreign PPers, is volleyball a popular sport in your country?

Feel free to chime in.

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cheri wrote on April 26, 2015, 11:35 PM

My eldest daughter is an avid fan of that volleyball game and she admires one particular player.

iwrite28 wrote on April 27, 2015, 5:16 AM

Sounds like a lot of fun -- but sports (any game) are always a lot of fun.