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Crazy Night

Hi everyone,

My mind is pretty scattered at the moment, but I think the first or second one is doing it not both. At almost 8pm I was on my laptop doing normal things. All of the time our sliding door on our balcony is open. What about it? Well, I started hearing a loud talker with a speaker or something talking about something serious fast. Right after hearing that I think it's far away somewhere 5 blocks from me. Next I all of a sudden hear that basically we have to''go in our homes, and duck someone has a gun on them''. You'd think a careless person wouldn't listen if their stupid enough, but I booked it inside lol. And as I am hearing this not only am I nervous, but I'm listening well on what this officer is saying outside out loud. As I'm hearing listen on the ground on carpet at home inside I hear the officer patiently telling this gun idiot to''put their gun down''. Once the officer demanded I guess they ran away, and hid in a car. When they decide to do that I hear a cop saying''we know your hiding and we know where you are''. After that I'm stressed that they will just start shooting, but that a bullet is gonna go past my homes wall. The ending to this wound up fine. Although I am still probably physically trying to calm down a little it's not as intense for me at the moment. I've got one last thing I'm worrying about relating to family relationships that are just changes going on I will just say that. Sorry this is so long my mind is just going crazy. Thank goodness I just uploaded a video though. Be sure to check it out here:

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Kasman wrote on April 26, 2015, 5:41 AM

editor_20 - not the ideal choice of colour for a post! PS: here's a tip for you - if you want to tag a member of Persona Paper in a post or a comment you need to use the '& ' and not the '#' . Read the FAQs (button at the top of every page). You will find lots of tips and things you should know in there.

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editor_20 wrote on April 26, 2015, 1:14 PM

@Kasman Thank you for the heads up.:)