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Travolta Name Generator - FBF Post

You ain't nobody until other people know your mother's name. You ain't nobody until you see your name in billboards. You ain't nobody until you get your own star in the Walk of Fame. You ain't nobody until you see your own home video (hopefully just an embarrassing one and not a carnal one) in the Wall of Shame.

You ain't nobody until John Travolta butchers your name. Well, Idina Menzel got her name 'travoltified' in last year's Oscars. You weren't able to watch it? Go check it online. I wasn't aware who Idina Menzel is/was until the Oscars despite the fact that I have watched 'Frozen' more times than the number of hours in a day these past week or so. I have the songs down pat even the dialogue. Don't ask why? i won't tell the truth.

Anyway, we are all lucky because we can 'travoltify' our name. My Persona Paper handle name of allen0187 is 'Angel'. What the???

Try it out. Search the net. Type John Travolta Name Generator. Thank me later.

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iwrite28 wrote on April 25, 2015, 1:27 AM

Travolta Name Generator is such fun...thank you :D