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BidnDrive - An American Auction Site for Cars

Just about everyone these days is familiar with the way sites work. Thanks to eBay, are only a click away.

The idea of the 'car supermarket' may be less familiar, however. This is where a company has for sale a large number of used vehicles of various specifications and buyers choose the one closest to their ideal before completing the purchase and driving off in their new vehicle. It is a quick, simple and easy process, often completed in a matter of 3-4 hours. It’s a very common sight in Britain, but not so much in the US, where people tend to hold onto their vehicles for longer.

BidnDrive is a cross between eBay's auction style and a car supermarket. Registration is free, and once the (refundable) deposit is paid, members can join the auction process. Admittedly, there is a list of terms and conditions so potential members would do well to read the comprehensive FAQ section and familiarize themselves with the site before bidding. BidnDrive have used cars, trucks, boats and even construction equipment for sale at any one time.

While the actual buying transaction is required to be completed within a matter of days after conclusion of the auction, after paying their security deposit, if a hopeful buyer does not win the auction, the deposit (minimum $400 or 10% of the value of the vehicle) can be moved to another vehicle. A deposit is required to show the member's interest in participating on the site. The FAQ section has more information - as previously mentioned, it is comprehensive and covers all scenarios.

BidnDrive is based in the US state of Georgia and is registered as a licensed dealer in the United States. Between this site and their sister site which deals with exporting vehicles from the US, buyers are bound to find what they are looking for. Potential buyers based outside the United States will see a popup asking them to redirect to the sister site, so need not worry that they are somehow going to end up bidding on a vehicle they won’t be able to have. The company have been in business since 2009 and a major plus point for many is that the databases they mine offer salvage and repairable vehicles too. This makes the site ideal for those looking for a vehicle to restore, or even just to use for parts.

This is an interesting way for overseas buyers to get hold of American spec cars and other vehicles that are perhaps to be used for special occasions like proms or weddings, as well as an alternative avenue for Americans themselves to source their next pre owned vehicle if the local Auto Trader Drive doesn't appeal.

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